killerguate - RecordingsToSneerAt CD

  • killerguate - RecordingsToSneerAt CD

killerguate's debut album, RecordingsToSneerAt, is now available on CD!
This CD is approximately 30 minutes long and consists of seventeen stunning sample-based synthcore soundscapes. From video game fever dreams to shitty midi hip hop to strange irreverent melodies, there's something for everyone on this experimental romp through liminal timbres!

The CD itself comes in a custom printed cardstock sleeve and a full-sized full-color full-frontal disc label.

You can sample the songs from this album here:

Tracklist -
1 200X A.D
2 moonglow
3 neix
4 i'm a singer
5 feel'N
6 digital punk
7 horrorsoft
8 maybe i'm too high to enjoy music
9 going
10 duunez
11 thinice
12 bluebea_02
1 No!
2 wrong
3 lunar
4 bubblegum
5 tropica